We believe no one should have to pay to work. As simple as that. Stop paying for leads and get paid as soon as you complete the job. So, there is no paying Mender App before you get paid. PROVIDERS – You only pay the Mender app referral fee when you get paid by the user. Our referral fee is based on the type of service provided and will be deducted from your final invoice.

Here is how we charge you.

Let’s say you worked and made $100 dollars; you will only pay the standard referral fee no matter what the size of your earnings. Let’s say, you made $60.00, or you made $2.000, you only pay standard referral fee to Mender, not a percentage.


For a standard referral fee per final invoice, you can publish your business or skills and easily start to make money.


View user’s reviews before getting hired.


Providers and users can chat with each other about questions related to the service


Easily get users location and directions.


Our team is ready for assistance via email or phone.


With "Hire Now" option, you can just sit and wait for your on-demand request to come in. You will HAVE to be online to get your on-demand service requests on the provider’s session. Remember, if you switch to the user profile by going to “Back to User” you will NOT get service requests.
You get paid by the hourly rate you choose when you created your provider’s profile. With a built-in app clock, you will get paid exactly what you worked for. The "Schedule a Service" is easy to get service scheduled from users. The "Request a Quote" option, unlike the Hire Now option, where is based on the provider’s hourly rate. The request a quote function allows you to negotiate with the users for a fixed set price for the job.


Get direction, time, and distance to your job destination. Also, share your current location so users can see your driving progress to the job site.

Are you licensed?

Distinguish your business or skills. We provide a badge for all providers that carry a valid license.

That way, the users know they can trust you. Mender App also provides an open chat channel within the app for communication and helps avoid unexpected situations when arriving on the job site. Also, Mender allows providers to track earnings by the day, week, month, and year to use for taxes and accounting purposes.

Competitive market?
Mender app can help you!

In this competitive market, many online posting services sites become overwhelming and even potentially dangerous when posting your skills and abilities.

Nowadays, when placing ads on untrusted classifieds the possibility of engaging with spammers or cyber-attacks is eminent. There is also the danger of opening your house or office doors to an unknown provider – do you know who is providing your services?

Join our expanding network of professional providers.

Do you have a licensed business that does bigger jobs, or are you a small company with a service to provide?

Join our expanding network of professional providers.